Domain Whois query made easy

Who works in much, especially with the network, is often not around, and from time to launch a whois query. So you get the fastest out if a domain is still available, or whether they connected up properly, that is, went off on a server or not. Even as we learn more details about using the name server, and so on.

Such a whois query, you shall, on each NIC (Network Information Center) of the domain concerned in general. In the case of .de domain would be DENIC. However, there may well be some hurdles here until you reach the desired information, such as eisy realized.

There are, however, to start such a query without having to access the pages of the NICs, if you do not always know which NIC is currently responsible for the TLD one possibility. The solution lies in the so-called whios clients.

In Linux, there is a simple console program called “whois”, which can be installed. The call is then made directly to the console:

whois domain.tld

For Windows, there are also those clients. A brief inquiry to Google yielded similar results quickly. It should, however, said that the most NICs limit such queries to avoid too many are sold. The advantage of such clients is of course on hand. You have to not having trouble with any spelling or similar mechanisms and the client acknowledges hand the TLD also equal to the corresponding NIC.

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